Social Media Networking Profile Image with Professional In-Studio Portrait Photography

In the age of social media networking, a professionally taken and superb quality portrait may get you noticed. A portrait can tell a lot about a person; it can illustrate their personality and draw people in; it can captivate and inspire. At studioEPIC photography, we let our portraits speak for themselves. Allow us to guide you through the process of taking a high impact portrait that will get noticed.

The reality is that you have only one chance to make that very important first impression, for this reason, the image you choose to use in your online business profile could make or break you. An unprofessional photo may get you lost in the crowd and overlooked by a potential client or employer. On the contrary, a first rate, professional and eye-catching portrait can be beneficial to your future objectives; helping you optimize your overall profile, communicate your message and ultimately receive the attention you deserve. Thus, a professionally taken social media networking profile image is your best bet. It is a great investment and a valuable tool in aiding you in your future endeavors. A great portrait helps convey your message and makes a lasting first impression.

Recently, with the increased focus on social media as a networking tool, there has been some discussion in regards to how a professionally taken portrait, preferably in a studio setting; using specialized equipment, backdrops and strobes can make all the difference in the world and help you get attention on your online networking website(s). With all the social networking websites out there, such a LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook etc., whose main purpose is for their users to market themselves and their various services and skill sets, a great profile portrait should become a priority to all business users. It is a proven fact that the profile picture is the first thing a majority of potential clients and future prospects look at when browsing your profile. Did you know that profiles with photos receive 50-70% more inquires than profiles without? Yet, the lack of an effective profile picture is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Therefore, do not allow a substandard profile portrait make you miss out on any great opportunities and aim to have the best possible image of yourself, especially for a business profile.

One common mistake, which many people make when selecting an image for their profile photo, is using an inappropriate picture to represent themselves, such as a cropped image at a wedding or other special occasion. Although this particular image may have been taken professionally, it is not an image you want to use. Other unprofessional images you should restrain from using are flat (no sufficient lighting), against a wall "mug shot" type of images, taken is haste. Additionally, inappropriate images, which have nothing to do with the scope of your business or you yourself, should not be considered. Most potential prospects are immediately turned off by these types of pictures and tend to overlook your profile.

If you are a professional business person, a genuine portrait and representation of yourself is what is required, once again, preferably taken in a studio setting; a professional image of and for a professional person.
Hence, when a future prospect stumbles upon a profile portrait of a person who they are looking to do business with, most of the time they are quick to pass judgment. A first impression has already been made and it is too late to turn back. Remember, when a user is viewing your portrait on a social networking website, you are provided with an opportunity to make a lasting first impression �make it one they will not forget. Make certain that the portrait you decide to use focuses on you, your professionalism and acknowledges the skills you have to offer to the world. Ensure that the image you select sells you.

At studioEPIC photography, we have many clients from various professions and aspects of life booking with our studio to update their profile portrait for a variety of online networking websites. Our clients require us to take an image that represents them best, is distinctive and in a sense demonstrates what they have to offer. They want to have an advantage above other similar users of the website.

Our portrait sessions are quick, hassle-free and on average last half an hour to 1.5 hours. During the time of the photo shoot various looks (typically 2-3 outfit changes) and a variety of poses are tested. It is best to experiment with your look throughout the photo shoot; sometimes one look works better than another in what message the client is trying to convey through their portrait.

We would be pleased to work with you and take that one portrait which will help you optimize your profile in order for it not to be overlooked. We would love to help you be a step above the competition.

Our studio is located in Toronto (at Lakeshore and Islington), which is sometimes not convenient for clients who have to travel farther distances. Consequently, having received inquires from clients not in the area still wishing to optimize their profiles with a high impact portrait, the photographers at studioEPIC have collaborated on a list (see below) of helpful guidelines to help you prepare for, take and select the right photo for your online account.

Tips and Rules for Choosing the Right Portrait to Optimize Your Profile:

  1. Don't use the generic default image provided by the website (usually a silhouette of head and shoulders) and never leave your profile image blank. Always use Your portrait. It is advised to get a professional portrait taken before making your profile public.
  2. Use a photo of YOU in your profile, not an object. Do not use props in your portrait; props distract from the main subject of the photo, which obviously should be only you.
  3. Select a high impact image taken with a professional or good quality camera and preferably utilizing a studio-setting and equipment.
  4. Make sure you do not have other people in your image. Do not crop other people out of your picture. The photo should be of you only. Make sure the background in the photo is not distracting as well, usually white, grey or black works well. You can ultimately experiment with both and judge for yourself which one suits you best.

  1. Make sure the image you use is current. Someone meeting you for the first time should recognize you from you profile picture; an up-to-date image will help them with this.
  2. Dress up for you photo. The right outfit can make the picture. Wear your most complementary color. Bright colors can attract attention. Try to avoid patterns. Women look best in scoop or v-necks and men in darker suits and shirts (a tie is optional).
  3. Make sure to style your hair. If you are investing in a professionally taken portrait, you may want to consider getting your hair done professionally as well.
  4. Take several poses. Minimally cock you head, back shoulder should be slightly higher than the front, sit up straight, unbutton your jacket to avoid excessive wrinkles.
  5. Become friendly with the photographer. Ask them questions to help you achieve the best portrait. Otherwise trust the professional.
  6. Don't forget to smile. Your face should radiate warmth and approachability. Relax.
  7. Look directly at the camera. Remember the focus will be mostly on your eyes. They are the 'windows to the soul' and tell a lot about a person.
  8. Take multiple shots, pick you favourites, then ask various people for their opinion on which photo makes you seem most 'approachable'.
  9. Your networking profile picture (for example, LinkedIn) should never be the same as your personal (for example, Facebook) profile picture. Networking websites are for professionals, therefore it is best to use a professional photo.
  10. Make sure the image you select 'sells you' and the services you have to offer.
  11. Make sure the image is re-sized to the specific websites measurements (usually between 200x200 min to 500x500 max pixels). You can ask your photographer to help you with this.
  12. Never use a blurry (too small or low resolution) image. Make sure the image is sharp and clear.

Typically, a 1:1 ratio image (a square image: 400x400 pixels) is requested of you from various websites. This size of portrait is very small and should mainly consist of the face (about 2/3 of the image). Your head does not necessarily have to be centered in the final crop. You can experiment with the crop of the selected image and decide what looks most attractive. It is advised that you do not crop you face in the selected profile portrait: it is best if the entire head is visible. For ladies, it is proposed that they do not overdo their make-up as this may become apparent and a bit overwhelming in the final headshot. We suggest that ladies wear their make-up as they do each day with a bit of punch: darker, thicker mascara and liner etc. The hair style should also be neat and tidy, but not overdone; your aim is to look how you do professionally and how people would usually see you when you meet them for the first time. Do not go too dramatic on clothing. Wear minimal accessories and/or jewelry. Colour pictures are preferred, as they stand out amongst black and white portraits, however, in some instances a black and white image may actually have more impact and punch than a colour photo. In your final portrait, you want to look like yourself, only better.
Pricing for our profile portrait photo sessions is very competitive and affordable. Packages start at $150. We are also be happy to customize a package which will suit your requirements and budget. For our full list of "Profile Portrait Packages & Rates", please click here.

It is best to arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to the scheduled shoot and fix yourself up and so that you do not look rushed. All the images, which the client selects, undergo full post-production work in order to make the final product look its best. All imperfections, such as wrinkles on clothing, dust etc. undergo thorough post-production achieving an optimal and professional image, which will make a lasting impression, such as the examples below. We also diminish fine lines on the face, under eye circles, blemishes and stray hairs in a subtle, yet effective way. Our aim is to make you look your best, naturally.

For a professional profile portrait our main goal and purpose is to make you look approachable and friendly.

Hence, when a profile image is required for a website, a professional portrait is a must for users, especially if they want to get noticed, mean business and business is what they mean to get. Therefore, consider hiring studioEPIC photography to achieve a professional, high quality portrait of the best you. For a professional profile portrait our main goal and purpose is to make you look approachable and friendly in order for you to succeed in gathering new prospects and more business inquiries and/or opportunities.

Having received positive feedback from various happy and satisfied clients, who have updated their profiles portrait with one taken in our studio and reported much success and compliments, we at studioEPIC photography aim to bring out the best in you and allow your profile image to make the initial introduction.

Here is what some of our past clients had to say:

"This (the photo shoot) was a lot of fun. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and collegues." - Phillippe V., Sales Manager

"Thank you so much for doing the photo shoot for me, you guys are awesome. I really enjoyed my time with you." - Max H., Real Estate Agent

"I did not know what to expect at first, but it (the photo shoot) was great. I love so many of the images, I am finding it difficult to pick just a few. You are so professional!" – Sina Z., Martial Arts Instructor

"What can I say...I look great in all of the pics, that is why it is so hard to pick just a few. I will be getting a DVD with ALL the images. You guys did an awesome job." – Bilal K., Personal

"I had a wonderful time and felt at ease. I am very anxious to see the images…" - Julia M., Lawyer

"Thank you for taking my portraits on such short notice. The photos look wonderful, I am very happy." – Aasish K., Accountant

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us and update your professional profile portrait in a friendly, relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

Additional prints/enlargements may be purchased. A high res. DVD with all images may be purchased as well at an additional fee. All images are fully edited, with superior post-production.

Thank You for Your interest. Please do not hesitate to email: or call us at 416.554.EPIC if you require further information.