Team Building Through Professional Corporate Photography

Once again, I cannot stress enough the importance of a high-impact professional business image, specifically a portrait taken by an experienced photography studio (

As previously mentioned, such portraits may be utilized in a multitude of productive, creative and functional ways for business marketing, development, as well as branding, These images will help to develop and establish a more personal relationship with your clients. Portraits, of course, should be taken individually, however, they may also be taken in groups.

Thus, I would like to introduce you and your company to a low pressure (and fun!), but mainly imperative way of team building: a professional team corporate photography session right in the comfort of your own office.

It is important to have a professional group portrait taken, which includes your entire team or office staff, as it shows true professionalism and strong unity of individuals working within a company. It does not matter if your team is comprised of only 2 individuals or 100. Regardless of how many people work in your corporation, a professional photo session is a great way to build team spirit, as well as demonstrates your corporations business presence in a very professional and effective manner.

These group images may then be used in a variety of productive marketing methods. One such being, advertising; on your website, pamphlets and brochures, business cards, greeting and/or thank you cards. It is always very much appreciated by your clients and customers to receive a holiday card and recognize or ultimately familiarize themselves with the faces of your entire team; people they have been communicating with via phone or email. It is nice to see that there are actual people behind the brand and be able to connect names with faces. Consequentially, allowing these professional group portraits in aiding with the development of more personal relationships with your past, present and future clients and/or customers.

Having taken photographs and worked with various corporations, we had the opportunity to witness, on several occasions, how a professional corporate photography session, such as this, builds and unites the team right from the get go; starting from getting notice of the session a few weeks prior, to preparing and getting ready together, to the day of the actual shoot.

Typically, as has happened on many occasions, we end up taking individual portraits of the entire team first. Each person gets their own professional mini-session, where we take care that they feel at ease and look their best. We try a variety of poses to see which one's appeal and work best for each individual.

Initially, it is natural for some people to feel reluctant and hesitant when they hear that a professional photography session is coming up (we can all recall the dreaded Grade or High School Picture Day), however, when the day finally arrives, most see that there is nothing to fear. After meeting and getting to know the friendly, knowledgeable and approachable photographer, people seem to relax. They become very comfortable with the photographer and have a smooth and productive session. Typically, we all end up having a lot of fun and laughs, as visible from the "fun" portrait samples below.

All participants will come out with a professional and natural portrait, which they (or the company) can later use in all forms of media: personal (ie. Facebook), professional (ie. LinkedIn or company site) or marketing materials (ie. brochures and business cards).

Imagine yourself, as a new client of a particular company or brand, walking first time into an office and seeing a wall displaying portraits of many happy faces welcoming you. With the times changing and progressing into a more technological age, it is a pleasure to see and put actual people (faces) behind a company's name.

For your convenience, the entire set-up, including the backdrop, strobes and soft box, is brought directly to your office. A professional photographer takes their time and spends 10-15 minutes with each individual; making them feel at ease and tries to bring out their best features and, most importantly, the best in them.

A bit of prior planning is required, such as a set date and time. Usually for a team of 10 individuals 2 hours is sufficient. However a total of 3-4 hours is required for set-up a short meeting and take-down of the portable studio. Also, when taking the group portrait, it is wise to request that your team or office staff dress in a similar fashion (for example all in white shirts and navy suits/blazers etc.), so that the entire team/group portrait looks consistent. For individual portraits, it is recommended that muted, pastel colours are worn by everyone with minimal jewellery or accessories (we ideally want the attention to be focused on the individuals face and eyes). There will be enough time for one outfit change per person. Thus, in the individual portrait the participant may have a different outfit then in the group portrait.

During these sessions, the photographer tries to get a sense of each person's personality, this may be done by having a short half hour meeting with the entire team (photography session participants) prior to their actual session and getting to know everyone involved more personally. However, this depends on the office manager (photo shoot organizer) and the company's schedule or personnel's time constraints.

Either way, whichever you choose, whether you just require a team portrait or both a team and individual portrait session, we will accommodate you and customize a fair package to suit your requirements. We would be happy to come in to meet your staff and bring out the best in you through our award-winning photography and our exceptional customer services. But don't just take our word for it...See for yourself, watch your company blossom and book with studioEPIC photography!