Professional Child Photography by studioEPIC photography; Toronto, Ontario (images below)

Alice from studioEPIC photography loves working and taking pictures of children of all ages. With Alice's patience, friendly and fun attitude, it seems like children enjoy meeting and working with her as well. Alice is familiar and accustomed to working with children of all ages, photographing newborns, christening/baptism, nursery schools, individual and family portraits.

Therefore, what better way to capture a child's spark and innocence then through a professionally taken portrait?

Most children are quite unpredictable: you never know what will happen on the day of the photo shoot. Thus, I am understanding of and open to all surprises and anything which may come our way. At studioEPIC, we provide you with the option of a studio session or an on-location session; at a park, attraction or ultimately in the comfort of home (or backyard).

When we take pictures of newborns, we strongly recommend that the session take place at your home, so that he newborn is warm and comfortable. The smells and surroundings are safe and familiar to the baby and their mother is always near by to nurse or cuddle. These sessions typically take an hour to an hour and a half. With toddlers and younger children (2-8 years old), we suggest using a location where the child can get their energy out, such as a park, preferably with a play structure. Older children (up to 12) are typically composed, good listeners, pay attention and follow instructions better. For older children any location may be used for the photo session. Most clients prefer the controlled studio-setting, where they can choose from a variety of backdrops and props. We are know for having a wide variety of themes to select from depending on the time of the year.

studioEPIC takes children's portraits for a variety of uses. Some being, holidays or events, cards, announcements & invitations or child talent/modelling. Sometimes we take pictures "just because" it's time to get an current photo...and in our opinion that's the best reason of all! Each selected image undergoes thorough post-production (hand-editing) to make it look its best. We put a lot of love into each selected image, as we want it to reflect our work in the best possible light.

Additionally, at studioEPIC, we also do finer post-production and retouching, super-imposing and design work for your various needs. Just ask us about our wide array of services. studioEPIC photography is your one stop for all your imaging needs.