Professional Corporate Event Photography by studioEPIC photography; Toronto, Ontario (more images below)

Whether hosting or organizing, studioEPIC is your best bet for Event Coverage. Along with all the necessary equipment (lights and back-up cameras), we have photographed and captured many large and smaller scale events in the past. Having experience working at various locations and a multitude of corporate and social functions, we know what is required and expected of us as Head Event Photographers.

We are aware of the importance of great quality images from your event for various forms of media, advertising, social use as well as display. The final images should reflect the event and evoke pleasant memories from that day.

It takes a lot of effort to put together and organize an unforgettable event, thus hiring the right photographer(s) and receiving high-quality images from the event should be at the top of your list to insure it being a success.

Depending on the size of the event, you can expect 1-2 photographers. Our aim is to capture all the details of the event, such as invitations, food and centrepieces. We sprinkle in some candids, as well as posed images and lastly (but most importantly) studioEPIC insures to capture all the important and necessary to photograph moments. The end-product will be beautiful photos you are proud to show to everyone.

Thus, whether it's a Gala, Awards Ceremony, Conference or any other special celebration, the photographers at studioEPIC are eager and willing to capture the very special, as well as naturally candid moments of your event. Our service is pleasant, friendly and nonintrusive. Experience it for yourself...

With studioEPIC photography, your worries are over. You can count on us to get you all the images you need!?