Professional Engagement Portraits by studioEPIC photography; Toronto, Ontario (more images below)

studioEPIC enjoys meeting new people, as well as engaged (and in love) couples, eager to show the world their bond.

Many couples who choose to use our services for their wedding day, also decide to book an Engagement Session with us. Our bold and vibrant images will show the pairs unique bond and reflect their adoration for each other. These beautiful and artistic photos will surely be cherished for years to come.

We are aware that each couple is unique and their tastes differ. Initially, we have a pleasant sit down with the couple. Over coffee, we get to know the couple better. This meeting help us and the couple decide on the type of photo session, as well as select an ideal location for their photo session.

There are many wonderful places an Engagement Session can take place in Toronto. We are happy to help you choose your perfect spot for the shoot which will bring out the best in each person and reflect their personality.

It is up to each couple and their comfort level of how far they are willing to go and how adventurous they would like their session to be. In the past, we had couples choose to be barefoot on the beach, swimming in a pool, jumping into a lake, taking an amusement park ride, painting etc. It is also up to you what you choose to wear and what props (if any) to choose to use. Some couples even request to use their children, pets, bikes or cars in their sessions. We leave that all up to you. Thus, these are just some of the ways memorable images and an unforgettable photo session can be created.

Sometimes, we have couples who request to book just an Engagement Session with us (without Wedding Photography), as they are getting married elsewhere (outside of the country). During these instances the couples request to have the city they love and live in (Toronto), along with a few landmarks: CN Tower, Lake Ontario, Downtown etc. in the background before they head out to their destination wedding. Typically, couples bring these photos with them to proudly display at their reception.

Also, an Engagement Session, does not necessarily have to be used for a couple planning on getting married. It can be booked in order to take beautiful and memorable portraits of any couple (engaged, married or not) wanting to create a memory or their relationship and chemistry and display their affection for each other. In instances such as this, on several occasions , we are asked to create Gift Certificates for a special couple, which we happily do. Book Your Engagement or Couple Portrait Session with studioEPIC and allow us to show the world Your love!