Professional Pregnancy Portraits by studioEPIC photography; Toronto, Ontario (more images below)

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any woman's life. This moment is beautiful and deserves to be captured and documented. Professionally taken images will create a true cherished memento of this special time when a tiny life is growing inside you.

At studioEPIC, we highly recommend that these sessions be planned ahead and take place between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy; the closer to the due date the better, as long as the mother is comfortable and willing. It is also a good idea to have an idea of what you would like to wear (or not) and what type of images you are expecting, for example classy black and white, creative or natural as some of your options. On occasion, we have fathers requesting to participate in the session. We adore and strongly encourage fathers to join in the session.

You can advise our studio of your vision and expectations and we will gladly prepare ahead and oblique your requests, whether being props, clothing, backdrop or even the temperature of the room.

At studioEPIC, we aim to create a comfortable and soothing environment for the mother during the session. Thus, whether you choose to have the session at your home or at the studio, you will surely find it a positive and pleasurable experience from which you can expect beautiful images to treasure, share and proudly display for years to come.

Each selected image undergoes thorough post-production (hand-editing) to make it look its best. We put a lot of love into each selected image, as we want it to reflect our work in the best possible light.

Additionally, at studioEPIC, we also do finer post-production and retouching, super-imposing and design work for your various needs. Just ask us about our wide array of services. studioEPIC photography is your one stop for all your imaging needs.